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PTG Fundraisers That Fulfill Family Fundraising Requirement:


St. Raymond School offers Scrip for sale through the Great Lakes Scrip Center.  This is a great way to raise money for the school and help fulfill your fundraising commitment.  Families can purchase gift cards to various establishments (retail stores, restaurants, hotels, airlines, gas stations, etc.) and a percentage of the sale is given back to St. Raymond School.  This rebate is applied to your fundraising account.  

Please watch the following video which details the ways in which you can purchase Scrip online and reload your already-purchased gift cards.  Scrip is sold every Wednesday after school in the church plaza, through the school office, and at many school events.  

Catalog Fundraiser

Usually in the Fall, PTG sponsors a sales drive from a catalog.  Catalogs used in the past include Believe, Innisbrook, and Otis Spunkmeyer.  A percentage of the sales is applied to your fundraising commitment.

See's Candy

Typically before Christmas and Easter, a See's Candy catalog is sent home.  Approximately 40% of the proceeds of your sales will apply to your $500 fundraising commitment.

PTG Fundraisers That Serve to Raise Funds for Enrichment Programs:

(These do NOT fulfill the $500 Family Fundraising Commitment)

Once a month, families are invited to go to a local eatery and a percentage of their food bill is donated back to the school.  Not only does this raise funds for classroom and/or school enrichment programs, but it also provides a chance for families to get together with each other to socialize.


Families are encouraged to clip and save BoxTops from food packaging.  Twice a year, we collect these BoxTops, submit them, and receive a check from the BoxTops for Education Program.  These funds are used for playground equipment.

Book Fair

During Catholic Schools Week in January, the Scholastic Book Fair comes to campus.  Students and families have a chance to purchase books, and a portion of the proceeds goes back to the school to help fund enrichment programs.

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