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St. Raymond School Mission Statement

St. Raymond School empowers all students to achieve academic excellence in a Catholic environment that encourages them to meet the challenges of life and to serve the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

St. Raymond School Philosophy Statement

St. Raymond School, an educational ministry of St. Raymond Parish and the Diocese of Oakland, provides a quality, Catholic education in a community of faith and love. The administration, faculty, and staff facilitate learning that is:

╬    Marked by high academic standards

╬    Enhanced by a commitment to Gospel values and social justice

╬    Respectful of diversity and each individual’s unique self-worth 

╬    Supportive of the development of responsible members of family, school, parish, and global communities 

St. Raymond School partners with parents and recognizes them as the primary educators of their children. The school provides support services and comprehensive co-curricular activities as part of the foundation of our educational program. Students strive to persevere through challenges, to solve problems, and to seek deeper knowledge. Students develop a mutual respect and discipline that promotes personal responsibility reflecting a faith-centered commitment to Jesus Christ. Each student is encouraged to grow in his/her relationship with God in an environment that nurtures the development of the whole person. 

Graduates will demonstrate a capacity for critical thinking with the ability to respond to the challenges of a global, technological society. They will have developed self-confidence, resilience, an active love of learning, and with God’s help and that of their parents, a desire to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others for the good of the Church and the world.

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