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School Board

St. Raymond School is owned and operated by St. Raymond Parish. "The Consultative School Board" as defined in A PRIMER ON EDUCATIONAL GOVERNANCE IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH has been established to assist the Pastor and his appointed principal in the governance of St. Raymond School.

Working in close collaboration with its administrative officer, the principal, and hearing its many publics, this School Board provides advice and counsel with regard to the formulation of policies that will enable the school to reach its agreed upon goals.

2023-2024 Executive Board Members

President: Shannon E.

Vice President: Carmen O.

Secretary: Christine R.

2023-2024 Committee Chairpersons and Members

Building & Grounds: Eric D.

Finance & Endowment Fund:                              Antonio A. & Daniel T. 

Communications: Carmen O. 

Principal/ Ex-Officio Member: Gregory Peterson

Pastor/ Ex-Officio Member: Fr. Erick Villa

Annual Fund: Christi G & Nichole P.


Marketing: Christine R. and Christine S.

Enrollment:  Melissa V.

Mission Effectiveness: Angela L.

Alumni: Carmen O.

PTG Liaison: Shannon E.

PTG (Parent Teacher Group)

The St. Raymond School Parent Teacher Group (PTG) operates with the recognition that parents are the primary educators of their children. This organization serves to:

PROMOTE Catholic education in accordance with the St. Raymond School mission

ENCOURAGE parental involvement in the Catholic education of their children

SUPPORT and develop programs, activities, community service, and fundraisers that enrich the Catholic education of our students and serve the school and community.

2023-2024 Executive Board Members

President: Janae B.

Vice-President: Andrea K.

Treasurer: Shannon S.

Secretary: Joanne S.

Room Parent Coordinators: Carmen R & Melanie C.

2023-2024 Committee Chairpersons

Dine outs: Lisa S.

Newcomers/Kick-off Dinner: Jen V. & Carla T.

Fundraising: Polly B., Michelle H. & Christa J.

Enrichment: Suhair S.

Scrip: Tanya C., Jo-Ann G. and Jen V.

Social: Shannon E. & Sara S.

Auction: TBD

Catholic Schools Week & Grandparents Day:             Jo-Ann G., Melissa V. & Margie W.

Book Fair: Jesus R. & Cindy M.

CYO Liaison: Jen V.




Hospitality: Christa J. & Diana S.

Book Club: Saribel & Michael H and Elpidio (El) L.

Hot Lunch: Krista V. & Marin R.

Uniform Closet: Sunny S. & Kristin W.

Traffic: TBD

Spirit: Allison B. & Danika B.

Teacher Appreciation Week: Dana S.

Butter Braid: Polly B.

Fun Run: Robert E.

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